The Customer Experience permeates our lives.  Whether we seek merchandise, services, basic necessities or simply information, the collective interactions with the people and companies with whom we interact create an experiencial mosaic.  In an actual mosaic the artist places similarly colored objects next to one another to create shapes that represent a grander image.  The smaller the individual objects are – similar to our day to day service interactions – the more refined that image becomes.

 Our “Customer Experience Mosaics” contain wonderfully bright and beautiful images that evoke pleasure and good memories.  Unfortunately they probably also have it’s share of dark and distorted areas that represent frustration, waisted time, and wasted money.

As consumers we want our mosaic to shine bright   This blog is about those every day interactions we have that, like a small pebble or piece of glass in the mosaic, form images representative of our experience – our Customer Experience.

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