Make my customer experience like my iPod experience

iPod Classic

I was listening to my iPod the other day and every song that came up on the random playlist sounded great.  It was like the iPod could sense my mood and selected songs that perfectly matched that mood. Song after song the iPod complimented the previous tune and gently guided me on a wonderful musical journey.  With over 6000 songs my iPod has a vast selection of genres and artists to choose from. I felt as though each song was hand-picked with care to deliver just the right tempo, melody, and arrangement. The longer I listened the more confident I became that the next song would sound even better than the previous one.

This is how our service experience should be.  When I do business with a local merchant, an on-line retailer, or large national brand I want to feel as though the experience was personalized to my preferences with just the right tempos and melodies.  I want an arrangement and genre that anticipates and matches my needs.  If I am a repeat customer I want the next experience to be even better than the previous.

I love music and listen too it constantly. When I walk into a shop or log-in to buy products on-line I want to feel like I do when a favorite song randomly comes up on my iPod’s playlist.  Maybe fine wine or fancy foods are your thing.  If your service providers could make you feel like you do with that first sip of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon wouldn’t you keep going back for more?  Or perhaps the joy created by the first taste of crème brulee after a pleasing meal.  Get the idea?

As customers we make an emotional investment when we choose to spend money.  We seek relationships with merchants we can trust and who will appeal to our senses and each preference in their effort to create an exceptional customer experience.  When they are able to do this it’s music to my ears and I’ll be singing their praises.  If they are not able to do this then I will hit the figurative skip button and move onto the next merchant.  After all just like on my iPod, I have a vast selection when it comes to choosing a merchant.


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